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When one does not represent things, a place remains for the divine. (Piet Mondrian from In Quest of the Absolute, Peter Blum, 1996)

I have always felt that art is interesting when the image appears incomplete - sometimes you linger and look when something is left unsaid. There is a space where the brain fills it in. 

The art that I love makes me say to myself "I wish I had done that."

My hope with artStartery is that people will start, once again, to allow creativity into their lives, enjoy the benefits, and trust what their mind sees.

My mentor, Agnes Martin wrote: "Please study your response to art very carefully (and to everything else) as it is the road to self knowledge and the truth about life." from Drawing from the Modern 1945-1975, page 45.

The images on this site are of my work - take a look and see not only what is there but what is missing. . . . what draws you in.

Although I have experimented with most mediums, I am drawn to the process of the monotype - I have painted on one surface and press it onto another - making a print that is one of a kind. In the slide show you will see the original print (whatever size) - these can be resized to make note cards or small images. Please consider an order of a small print in support of my work.